About Us

Welcome to Shiv SiddhYogPeeth, which is unique in a way, because here you will experience yoga taught in its totality. Yoga, as you are aware is universal in nature. Its benefits are immense.
It gives you a therfold benefit at body, mind and spiritual levels.


Daily practice of yoga blesses you with a healthy and energetic body free from deseases.
At mutual level, you will experience peace, calmness and a balanced state of mind in all conditions and situations and it will help you to live a stress free life.
Finally yoga is the path to deep meditation to experience your true self.Rishikesh in India is said to be the capital city of yoga and practioners of yoga from all over the world through to Rishikesh to practice yoga in its severe atmosphere.
We are situated right in Rishikesh on the bank of the holy river ganga, a plave most condusive to practice yoga and meditation.At Shiv Siddh Yog Peeth, we also offer Yoga Retreats that present a perfect opportunity for all the Yoga fans to get an informal introduction to the world of Yoga and its practices.
Carried out in a relaxed and leisurely atmosphere, these retreats are ideal for our guests to learn the principles of Yoga, the various types of Yoga being practiced around the world,
the anatomy involved with the Asanas (Poses) and the benefits that can be derived by practice of Yoga in our lives every day.

Our Social Participations

Besides spreading the ancient knowledge of yoga, Shiv SiddhYogPeeth also has an approach to give something to the society. Society has built us so we should also participate to build the society too. We are a part of nature; nature is the source of creation

01so we should do enough actions to protect the nature. Yoga is incompleted without the knowledge of Karma Yoga so we believe strongly to be pure towards our actions.We have a non-profit organization named Universal Educational & Welfare Society through which for the past few years we are providing free education to the children. As the children are the future of the nation so their literacy is very importantso that we can make them enough skillful and give them strong foundations. Our society provides stuff to the government schools like uniforms for the students, books, etc., Under the society we have a computer institution too in Rishikesh where we provide free knowledge of computers appplications to the students, software courses, internet, etc.