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Come and experience a life changing month engaging you with extensive practices of yoga. This is not only a yoga-teachers-training programme but a journey where you can incorporate your body, the mind,  and soul to find the balance in your life.
Join Shiv SiddhYogPeeth and start your journey to explore this spiritual science which will help you to reach the higher levels of consciousness.


Meet Our Team

Pandit Sachitanand


yoga-teacher-rishikeshPandit Sachitanand, the founder of Shiv SiddhYogPeeth was born in the Himalayas, in a village named LikhwarGaon, TehriGarhwal, Uttarakhand. He was born in a brahmin family and brought up in a very spiritual environment learning from his Grandfather.
He started learning yoga as a young boy and was a lot focussed towards the welfare of people.

Kushal Bisht

Certifications-Masters in yogic sciences & RYT200yoga-in-india

Kushal is a highly experienced Yoga Anatomy & Physiology teacher who has been teaching for a couple of years incorporating Yoga and Anatomy & Physiology.
He has a beautiful style of connecting the spiritual science with the modern science as for a person
it is very important to know one’s body structures to get deeper to their consciousness so this is his approach to making easier this journey of people.

Mahesh Bhatt

yoga-ttc-in-rishikesh-indiaCertifications-P.G. Diploma & Masters in yogic sciences(Gold Medalist)

Yogi Mahesh Bhatt is an experienced yoga philosophy teacher who has a different and effective style of delivering his knowledge to others.
During his studies, he was two times gold medalist in P.G. Diploma (yogic science) and in his Masters in yogic science as well.

Lakshmi Dimri

Certifications-Masters in yogic sciencesyoga-retreat-in-india

Lakshmi is a dedicated teacher in her field.
She has done Masters in yogic Sciences from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University, Haridwar.
After the completion of her masters, she is being worked as a yoga trainer and her techniques of preparing her classes attract people allot.

Devendra Dhaundiyal

yoga-ttc-in-indiaCertifications-Masters in yogic sciences

Devendra is a multi-style yoga trainer who has a great approach towards his teachings.
He has a strong base in hatha yoga as he is a trained hatha yoga teacher.
Professionally he has done certificate and diploma courses in Yogic Sciences and now he has completed his Masters in Yogic Sciences as well. a part ofS being a trained Hatha Yoga teacher, he is also well in Ashtanga-Vinyasa flow.

Author: shivsiddhyogpeeth

Welcome to our yoga school, which is unique in a way, because here you will experience yoga taught in its totality. Yoga, as you are aware is universal in nature. Its benefits are immense. It gives you a therfold benefit at body, mind and spiritual levels. Daily practice of yoga blesses you with a healthy and energetic body free from deseases.

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